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Sparkling in the Turkish TV series starring the unbeatable oktay Kaynarca. His hero, Khizir has to work in organizations in the criminal world. Under his supervision were arms dealers and everything connected with them. Once law enforcement officials discovered his work and offered an exchange: a collaboration to freedom. Due to the fact that resistance was pointless, he didn't argue. There are personal problems. The wife and mother of his two children is fully supported by him. But there is still a mistress who recently announced her interesting position. Khizir dreams of a newborn, but the legal wife strongly opposes the birth of an illegitimate child. She is ready to do any meanness, just to prevent her husband's mistress to give birth. the Double play couldn't go unnoticed. One of the main enemies of Khizir, Unal Kaplan, discovered that the main character works for the government. Now he threatens death. For Khyzyr, Cicirelli it's time to pay the bills fate. It is necessary not only to deal with criminal authorities, but also to calm down their women. And the more the main character plunges into the maelstrom of events, the deeper they pull him to the bottom. Around betrayal and intrigue, conspiracies and, of course, passionate love. After watching one series, the viewer and look forward to each next to find out how the events unfolded.

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