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We present to Your attention a fascinating mini-series, unveiling the mystery of the history of mankind. In particular, the events of the documentary television series "barbarian Uprising" will tell us about how the Roman Empire developed, and what actually led to its collapse. But, as the name of the project clearly hints to us, we will see everything happening from a slightly different angle... In fact, the story will be presented on the other hand - the barbarians and various tribes and nationalities who decided not to bend under Rome, challenged the influential Empire and its harsh Emperor. Throughout the timing very well inserted replicas of historians and specialists of various structures, which makes the story even more reliable and exciting, revealing even minor, at first glance, aspects of the past. We will be introduced to the biographies of such outstanding personalities as Attila, Spartacus, Hannibal and Boudicca. It is thanks to the inner core of these people that everything has developed as it is now written in the textbooks of world history...

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