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At the beginning of the Batman animated series is a fateful murder: The young Bruce Wayne is forced to watch with their own eyes how his parents are murdered in cold blood by an unknown person. A traumatizing event that leads ultimately that Bruce is a grown man, a new provision in his life: Out of his luxurious life as a billionaire, he makes as a dark knight that the streets of Gotham City are safe.    Together with his loyal companion Robin, who also lost his parents, he takes the law into their own hands and ensure law and order. In the fight against the underworld, he also joins forces with Batgirl, the daughter of Commissioner James Gordon, his only confidant to the police. Likewise, if all else fails, there are still a human being, to which Bruce may contact: Alfred Pennyworth, the butler of the Wayne family, who raised Bruce after the murder of his parents.    Among the villains with which it gets Bruce to do under his alter-ego Batman, include the unpredictable Joker, Two-Face and Harley Quinn. In addition, equip Catwoman, Riddler and the Penguin Gotham a visit, which ends in chaos - from the shady machinations on the part of Mr. Freeze, Bane and Poison Ivy to mention. Also one of the party are: Ra's al Ghul, Scarecrow, Killer Croc, Clayface, Scarface, Man-Bat and the Mad Hatter. (MH)

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