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The US hit series Baywatch kidnapped to the sunny beaches of Malibu. This is about a mixed group consisting of dedicated and bold lifeguard inner and life guards. The plot of Baywatch revolves around the team of Mitch Buchannon to everyday life (David Hasselhoff). Furthermore, the personal relationships as well as the lifestyle of the individual members play an important role. Each episode revolves, this is a special case, which occurred at the most beautiful spots in California - it was a shark attack or the threat of a serial killer. Under certain circumstances, the idyll is threatened even by an earthquake or a nuclear bomb. But Mitch Buchannon and his friends make sure that it's residents as well as holiday guests and tourists in Malibu (and later Hawaii) goes well.    Main characters of Baywatch - The rescue swimmers of Malibug    Mitch Buchannon (David Hasselhoff) is a lifeguard and lives in Malibu. He makes his team that the visitors of the beach in safety. Mitch is a responsible and charming young man.    Jill Riley (Shawn Weatherly) is the best lifeguard of the unity of Mitch. As a trainer, she is responsible for the training of junior lifeguards. it fulfills this job very satisfactory.    Eddie Kramer (Billy Warlock) loves the water and has already spent since his youth his time on the beach in Malibu. Accordingly, it has long been present at the lifeguards. Eddie grew up as an orphan.    Shauni McClain (Erika Eleniak) was formed by Jill to lifeguard. Although she initially has little confidence in their abilities, Shauni learns very quickly and above all a lot of time to meet the high demands of their job requirements.    Trevor Cole (Peter Phelps) is also working as a lifeguard in Malibu. In the course of the story, he also became one of the infamous sex symbols, which later became a hallmark of the series.    Trevor Cole (Brandon Call) is the son of Mitch and is embodied in the later season of Jeremy Jackson. Trevor is in love with Summer Quinn, his parents are divorced. Almost Leonardo DiCaprio had taken the part.    Background information on Baywatch - The Baywatch    Although the first season of Baywatch was a flop, the format went later in the cult series in television history and was not the least aired in 144 countries. The ensemble constantly rotated during the course of the eleven seasons. The biggest changes occurred from between the ninth and the "tenth": / series / baywatch / scale / 10 season. The main reason was, among others, the change of the action and the place so incoming Title Change: Baywatch Hawaii.    In addition, the bodies of actresses and actors appearing in the film play an important role. Sex symbols were quickly as Erika Eleniak, Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra the flagship of the series. In addition, each episode contains several sequences, which are particularly noticeable by their shots in slow motion. Also here is again the ideal of the young, healthy and energetic body at the center, which continues to emit a certain amount of eroticism.    Despite these idealized physical culture contact Baywatch regular people with various handicaps (such as being overweight or disability) on. In such cases, the script put a focus on the integration between the main characters with these minor characters. (MH)