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The CBS series Beauty and the Beast transforms the fairytale story to light: the Beautiful is here to Catherine Chandler, an assistant district attorney with a promising future, while the Beast Vincent is a born disfigured man in the underground of New York lives. The two characters meet, as Catherine is confused with Carol Stabler and then kidnapped and beaten. Vincent rescues and brings them to the father, the leader of a secret organization in the underground. From then on, the two help each other and their friendship gradually to true love develops.    Main Characters from Beauty and the Beast    Catherine Chandler (Linda Hamilton) is working as a lawyer in the office of her father. After her encounter with Vincent Catherine changed her life forever and it is set as an assistant in the office of the prosecutor of Manhattan.    Vincent (Ron Perlman) is a man of unusually large shape. Since his birth his face is disfigured, so that it resembles a lion. To hide themselves from the outside world, he lives underground. Since his first meeting with Catherine it did to him the beauty.    Father (Roy Dotrice) regarded as the patriarch of the floor of New York. Earlier it was called Jacob Wells and was a doctor until the license was illegally fired and it withdrawn.    Joe Maxwell (Jay Acovone) is the prosecutor of Manhattan and thus Catherines immediate superior. Catherine he sees as his protégé.    Mary (Ellen Geer) is the midwife of the New York underground. Matching their vocation is always maternal and generous to all the other members.    Elliot Burch (Edward Albert) is self-made millionaire and has always been in love with Catherine. When he learns of Vincent, he wants him out of jealousy out of the way.    Background information on Beauty and the Beast    Beauty and the Beast (OT: Beauty and the Beast) ran from 1987 to 1990 over three seasons on CBS. For the scripts was among other things George R. R. Martin promises or which subsequently provides the template for the HBO series Game of Thrones. For his role of Vincent Ron Perlman in 1989 won the Golden Globe and was nominated in a row for the Primetime Emmy Award two years. 2012, The CW of the substance took on again and rebootete the series. In Beauty and the Beast Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan, this time played the roles of Catherine and Vincent. (LM)

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