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  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
For many years, viewers are happy to watch two high school students from the fictional town of highland, located in Texas. Guys everywhere find adventures on its head. And they are not always fun and safe. As a rule, they have all the time to face the dangers that can lead to disastrous consequences.
for example, rare trips to school end in some crappy prank, because of which the head is either in prison bunks or in a hospital bed. Working in a fast food cafe called "world of Burgers" also does not bring pleasure to others. However, surprisingly, the audacity and unscrupulousness of the main characters are sometimes perceived by other people as positive qualities. Samples of flirting with the opposite sex always end in loud failures and even beatings. The guys do not despair, and blame the lack of coolness and money. Most of all goes to the man living next door. He can not fight back the boys,and they do use it. The life of Beavis and butt-head is closely connected with music. Daily