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Dr. John Becker's family doctor with Harvard degree. His small practice but not in any well-off area, but the middle of a shabby neighborhood of the Bronx. The physician is constantly tempered bad and feels harassed by all the people around him - whether they are patients, colleagues, friends or strangers. Becker is biased and stingy, smokes like a chimney and gives a damn about other people's opinions. Still, his few real friends are the miesepetrigen doctor loyal - from first seemingly inexplicable reasons. But it is easy to see why. Because despite his misanthropic vein, the cynic makes yet sincere about her and about his patients.    The characters of Becker    Dr. John Becker, played by Ted Danson, is constantly in a bad mood. He always expected of anything and everything just the worst, but perhaps he must even after the lessons that has been granted his life. The already twice-divorced doctor was once final in his class at the elite American University of Harvard. But compared to his colleagues, from which highly paid specialists were Becker ended up as a general practitioner in the bargain-down area at an impasse. The Doctor is another human being not very friendly. His manners hinder the charm stud after the double marriage-off time and again in finding a new partner. Few people keep it real with him. But the doctor has a good heart. If someone really has a serious problem, the doctor is always there. Becker grouses, pimped complains, grumbles - and helps.    Regina 'Reggie' Costas, played by Terry Farrell, runs a coffee shop near Becker's practice. At a young age she broke off their college education to pursue a career as a model. After the death of her father Reggie took over the shop and is now trying to early thirties to complete their degree in psychology at night school. By the way, she seeks the love of her life, but completely unsuccessful. Reggie is a terrible cook. Becker and the other characters constantly amused about their efforts to serve their guests food. Also, the health department has probably let you already get more warnings in this regard. With the doctor Reggie combines a love-hate relationship. As long as he is not in his practice, the physician maroons in its coffee shop, and also the former model has somehow taken a fancy to the notorious whiners. She is torn. In the first seasons Reggie is one of the main characters in Becker, the series leaves but then at the end of the fourth season.    Jake Malinak, played by Alex Desert, is probably what we might call Becker's best friend - if they can be ever speak of it for a misanthrope as the doctor. He owns the newsstand in Reggie's coffee shop. There he sold alongside printed materials still so few other small items such as candy, chewing gum or cigarettes. Since a car accident five years ago Jake is blind. He has, however, not let them spoil his good mood. Thus, the newspaper seller is the absolute opposite of Becker. As a child, Jake lived with his grandmother and had until her death in a very close relationship to the old lady. He is also a gifted Scrabble player who has already taken part in national competitions three times.    Margaret Wyborn, played by Hattie Winston, is Becker's assistant and manages his practice. The spirited woman is one of the few people who can stand it with the permanently discontented doctor. In principle, it is a kind of 'mother figure' for both Becker and for its chaotic assistant Linda. The Baptist often quoted the Bible and also often proven to be the most sensible character in the whole series. Margaret has a rather liberal view of things. It manifests itself, for example sarcastic about the Stimmenzähl debacle in Florida in the 2000 presidential election and reprimands Becker for statements that it considers to be homophobic. Outside the practice, the trained nurse is married to Louis over which they often speaks, is never seen. Her husband hates her employer - and this relationship is mutual.    Linda, played by Shawnee Smith, is the clumsy and often dispersed assistant Becker and Margaret. Your last name is never mentioned, and actually, we ask ourselves, as well as the doctor and the nurse but often exactly what drives them ever there. Linda is the only reason not dismissed because the doctor her father owes a favor. They usually bums around only in practice. If they for then again tried to work with, is their help usually of questionable nature. Nevertheless, Linda surprised sometimes by competent performance that would have given her credit for no one. Her mother is an alcoholic, but their parents are apparently so wealthy that they have sometimes just left Linda a penthouse with a doorman, an original Monet paintings and a Danish ambassador as neighbors. For a while, the pain in the ass Bob lives there with her. The kind-hearted Linda had invited him to live with her after he had flown from his old home. But shortly after she tries to get rid of the 'burdock' again. In Becker's patients, the medical assistant is very popular because it is constantly smiling and wearing tight outfits. Linda admires the doctor and her boss Margaret that make it so go through it a lot. Your privacy is as chaotic as their everyday work. So it has an on-off relationship with Gil, whom she does often moves into the low light in talks. Linda is this but somehow a real communication talent. She speaks Mandarin and Portuguese, and takes good care of the patient Enid Connelly.    Bob, played by Saverio Guerra, is undersized, overtightened and annoying fellow who speaks constantly of himself in the third person. At first it's after Reggie the greasy sex addicts. That is why he hangs around the whole time in their coffee shop and harassed the others present. The former model makes its aversion to Bob no secret - especially since it is initially still married when he approach throws at them. Because of his divorce, he lost much of his money and still sits on top of that on the street. Therefore, Linda takes him temporarily with on - and can then temporarily swamped before advances of Stelzbocks. In the third season Bob becomes the work-shy janitor at Beckers residential block but still an excellent cook. After the fifth season, the pain in the ass, whose last names we never know disappears from the series. Jake merely mentions that Bob - has gone on an extended vacation - with middle name Benito.    Backgrounds of Becker    Becker ran between 1998 and 2004 the American television network CBS, which had at that time King of Queens and Everybody Loves Raymond some real sitcom hits in the repertoire. The series of Creator David Hackel was four seasons very successful, but after a time slot change the ratings fell. Becker was finally taken after six seasons and 129 episodes in 2004 from the program. Ted Danson was nominated in 2001 for his performance as eternal nagging doctor for a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a TV series. The actor is one of the largest American TV stars of the 1980s and early 1990s. Previously Danson had already cleared two of the golden trophies for his role as bartender Sam Malone in the hit series Cheers.    In Germany Becker ran first night on Sat.1. However, the private station was only the first four plus the final season. An agreement on the fifth season did not materialize, as Sat.1 and Paramount were not unanimous. From 2008, Becker was seen in Anixe HD, including the previously unaired episodes. Since 2009, the series will run on Comedy Central, and since 2011 on Sat.1 Comedy.

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