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Can a song save a life? One of the truths of success in show business is that real stars should go forward, not backward. Dave Krol just wrote the soundtrack to the hit movie. Or rather, he wrote it in collaboration with his shy British girlfriend Greta, but the label that Dave showered with praise not to notice the quiet that is left behind in their luxury loft, while Dave changes the image in Los Angeles. Here he falls in love with someone else, leaving Greta alone in a big city where the only person she knows is a street musician Steve. But he turns out to be her lucky ticket, inviting her to an open MIC evening and persuading her to go on stage.When Greta plays a sad song about reaching the end, it touches the strings of the heart of one person in the audience - Dan, who is a talent seeker for the recording company. However, he has just lost his job and is now getting wasted thinking about suicide. But in his imagination, the seductive rumble of a subway train suddenly gives way to the sounds of keys and strings that could propel this song to pop heaven. Dan convinces Greta that he is sane, though a little shabby, and reveals to her his idea of a music album recorded outdoors that would include the sounds and energy of the city.

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