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Series are sometimes very well motivated. Watching them, you live the life of a hero. Well, then you can try something in your own. Change, that is. although it is so difficult to get up from the couch and make some strong-willed and uncharacteristic act. But it's necessary, seriously. Otherwise, it'll be a chance to fly like Erica. At first, she was doing great. But then fate decided, that girl too long enjoyed its goods. No, Rock did not make the heroine get hit by a car and become disfigured. That would be too easy. You can do everything slowly and unexpectedly. This leads to a more refined and sadistic success.
Erica was a regular telephone operator. No one, in General something not touched. But the boss once found out that she has a master's degree. Too cool for such a clever to be in such a hole, he thought. So Erica got fired. After a breakup with a guy. The girl can not find her happiness. After drinking coffee with grief, she came down with allergies. When the hospital room seemed more or less decent place, it's time to meet with one person. It's Dr. Tom. Interestingly, he turned to Erica, literally knowing about all its problems. There is a therapy that will help to solve everything. Doc constantly added to his arguments aphorism more or less famous person. It's weird, but there's nothing to do.

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