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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Bella Block, an experienced Commissioner at the Hamburg criminal police, takes over the investigation of a variety of crimes. In addition to murder cases in particular those cases in the center of their work, where women are mistreated by men are. In the later episodes her partner Simon Abendroth is increasingly becoming the center of the action, which supports Bella Block from the private sector in their work.    Main characters Bella Block is a bold Commissioner who does not compromise when it comes to put the truth openly - even if it hurts. She has the power to ways to go long and survive difficult periods. She remains in a case as long as it deems necessary. Especially when it difficult, is hopeless, she bites into the opponents and come through their tenacity and fearlessness to the goal. Bella is argumentative and combative. She can be very stubborn and deters not - if it is convinced of something - back of a confrontation with their peers. Authorities do not fear them - in disputes it is damn quick-witted.    Simon Abendroth is the significant Bella block that it was in many difficult cases to the side. He is a professor of literature. He is human integrity, ambitious, charming on unpretentious kind, humorous, sometimes melancholic and stubborn, but also patient. He is not a man who pushes himself forward, but much rather with what he can.    Additional information Bella Block is broadcast by ZDF since 1994th The consequences have been aired at irregular intervals to avoid excessive series character.    The last episode of Bella Block was broadcast on 17th and 19th January 2009 as a two-part episode. The producing stations - ZDF - however, announced that the series is now complete, the character Bella Block, however, continued in another form.    The figure Bella Block was conceived by the novelist Doris Gercke.    source ZDF

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