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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
This small provincial town has always been famous for its leisurely atmosphere and regularity. Residents of Bellevue even joked from time to time about the need for a police station, for the most terrible event for many years - the disappearance of an elderly old woman cat. Annie Ryder worked as a detective in the town. She soundly served and was not involved in any fraud, enjoying the tranquility of the new place of service. The peace was broken by series of unlawful acts and the mystical disappearance. One of those was a call during the working week. The transgender boy is missing, and his cell phone, torn jeans and faulty bike found on the railway tracks. The investigation turned out to be only a mother's tears, but her child was never found. From that moment, Annie began to feel a kind of insidiousness of what was happening, and the place that seemed like a forest Paradise - was even more cluttered than an industrial city. The situation worsened when the main character began to receive strange clues, pushing her to certain details of the crime ... what will turn into a mystical disappearance for the town and whether the detective will be able to resolve the situation?

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