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All special services of the world need continuous inflow of new blood. But how does this happen? Who selected the recruits, then to of them to train specialists – real wolves, not knowing pity for the enemies of the state, which they are sworn to protect? How out of the ordinary young man is based not just machine which, if necessary, to kill, and cultivated a mini-bond, James Boind? And what if the ranks of the recruits will infiltrate the treacherous traitor? About all this-a serial action-Thriller "Quantico".nnQuantico is the name of the FBI's secret base in Virginia. On the history of the series on it are trained several new recruits recently began service in Office. Each of the recruits has their own reasons for coming to the secret service. The story is built so that we see not only the difficulties that they have to overcome every day in the process of training, but also get acquainted with their past, getting to know everyone.nnThe base is run by Miranda Shaw, a tough but fair woman. And the informal leader of the group of newcomers is Alex Parrish. Not only clever, but also beautiful, she does not forget about feelings during training, spinning an affair with another Intern named Ryan Booth. It would be a description of the everyday life of such an adult boy scout camp, if not for the big "But": one of the recruits is suspected as the secret leader of the largest terrorist attack in new York since 911.

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