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A little less than a year has passed since we first met the main character of the series. Then Daniel Miller was promoted and moved to Berlin, where he had to investigate an important case concerning spies. This prospect frightened much a Junior agent who has been assigned the first important task. But since that time in the life of Danny, a lot has changed: the beginning of the 2nd season, the protagonist of the series "the Berlin residency" has already settled and started to control the situation. A significant role in this was played by his mentor-Hector dezhan, a local investigator who worked in the Department for an impressive period. It was he who showed the newcomer a world different from the usual theories discussed in the classroom at the Academy. Familiarity with the harsh side of the profession made Daniel a kind of veteran: in the previous series, he has passed many tests and received tremendous experience. In the new episodes are going to experience adventures of a more serious and Mature person, not intimidate the beginner, but will it help Daniel survive another betrayal? How will he take the unexpected return of his partner?

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