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The documentary television series Martin Williams and Alex Williamson will tell the story of the most successful animal population on Earth, which have become integral neighbors and companions of man — the cat. In this population there are more than 37 species: from cute and cute inhabitants of the human home, to the most ferocious predators that can break a huge Buffalo. After watching the series, the viewer learns about the specifics of habitats, will be able to follow the existence of these graceful animals in a natural environment, and look at the curtain of the mystery of the manners of these amazing creatures. Owing to its unmatched natural cat, in the harsh natural environment, it turned out not only to survive but also to seize the dominant position in the food chain. The area of residence of these animals has no boundaries. To meet baleen in big cities and on the hillsides, and wild in Indian forests and African Savannah — in whatever direction the man went, he everywhere met the fingerprints of the presence of cats. Representatives of this genus is attributed to an ambiguous legend, starting from the God-like creatures, before whom worshipped in ancient Egypt, to the henchmen of evil European witches. In India, for example, tigers have repeatedly been a nightmare of the surrounding villages, attacking and eating the natives. However, most of his contemporaries know about cats only that these animals can gently purr, relieve stress and they love to catch mice.

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