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Polygamy is an ephemeral marriage in the perception of many happy spouses, but for the main characters of"great love" living in the format of"1 husband and 3 wives" is a familiar reality. In the mansion, which also has eight children, beautiful ladies-Nicoletta, Margine, Barbara-are engaged in trivial, in their understanding, things: share life, take care of the garden and make schedules of sexual evenings with bill — the head of an unusual family. Thanks to the possession of large shops, the businessman is easily ready to contain three wives, for whom he built personal houses. The role of the Sultan is attractive, but behind the abyss of erotic pleasures lies a tired man, forced to take the pathogen to maintain the role of a hypersexual macho. Members of the polygamous Union are happy with their lives, but they can not fully roam, because they have to hide the secret from annoying neighbors. The sea of sex, rivalry, tension of relations with relatives, strict confidentiality — the atmosphere of temptation impresses and forces to join quickly in fascinating history. Sponsor of the series, tearing the veil of secrecy with American polygamy, became the notorious Tom Hanks. Spicy film product could even incur the wrath of the Mormons, a hint of which is somehow present from the beginning of the film.

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