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This multi-part film has an unusual name, ambiguously alluding to the content, which only fuels interest in it. We are promised quite cruel and unusual humor, stories about the family of African Americans, as well as socio-political issues. The head of the family name is Andre Johnson. Despite skin color and many associated troubles, he managed to achieve a prestigious position in a large Corporation. But one problem the hero and cannot execute – covertly impose to children the ideals of the "black culture". This translates into various funny situations, sometimes encouraging Andre, but often putting it in an awkward light. At the beginning of season 4, the man decides to go to school to watch two of his four children perform on the stage. Jack and Diana play in the play, the production of which is dedicated to the great geographical discovery of Columbus. The hero treats this with his usual pedantry: noticing the historical discrepancy, he decided to replace or change a lot. In addition, the man seems that there are more important holidays for his children than "Columbus Day".

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