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In Black Lagoon is about a group of pirates, who are known as the Lagoon Company. Mid-1990s, smuggled the Lagoon Company goods within the seas of Southeast Asia. Their base lies in the harbor of the city Roanapur in southeastern Thailand. On the seas they are traveling with the so-called Black Lagoon, a 24-meter speedboat. The Lagoon Company has several business relationships with a variety of clients, including the Russian crime syndicate in Moscow. On their travels they are often involved in naval battles, fights and exchange of fire.    Main characters of Black Lagoon    Rokuro 'Rock' Okajima is the protagonist of Black Lagoon. Rock joins the Lagoon Company, after having kidnapped him. He's not a fighter, but he likes to negotiate and is a good translator. He's not always agree with the methods of Revy and Dutch have always sees something dark in Rock.    Revy is the female protagonist of Black Lagoon. She is of Chinese descent and grew up in New York City. You do not negotiate like and likes to kill their enemies. You good with weapons. Although she and rock are fundamentally different, they become friends and even develop romantic feelings for each other.    Dutch is African-American, and the leader of the Lagoon Company. He was formerly known as Marine in the Vietnam War. He is rarely involved in the battles of his crew, but likes to be coordinated. He can easily imagine the feelings and other people's intentions and is smarter than he might first appear.    Benny was ahead of its time in the Lagoon Company student at the University of Florida. He has Jewish ancestry and is the technical expert at the Lagoon Company. Revy had then offered Benny a job with the Company since Benny made the Mafia and the FBI the same time acidic. Just like rock does not like Benny, cold murder.

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