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  • Genres:
  • Adventure
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The previous part of the adventure series ended with the joint efforts of Bonnie, Jack, Rechem and other pirates managed to force the British fleet to retreat. But this does not mean that ahead of the pirates will have only pleasant events – "black sails" once again stained with the blood of the sailors who earns a living is not quite honest ways. At the beginning of season 4, we see that the pirate Union is still active, although it is very fragile. Flint hopes that they will be able to keep it at least in such form, as it does for the British massacre of the pirates is almost impossible. Silver convinces him that he is not going to change their plans, because he saved the life of flint in the past. Edward teach, along with Bekhemom, meanwhile, go in new Providence, hoping to increase their influence. Thich lost to the Jack position of the captain, agreeing to be a Commodore. On the ship almost raised a rebellion, but Rekhema manages to calm the crew, reminding that they are fighting for the memory of the former captain of the "Wanderer" Wayne. Remaining in Nassau, flint and silver fall into the trap of woods Rogers, who is driving the ship of heroes stranded. To avoid death, flint takes a tough decision – to convince the people to leave the ship. If the British continue their attack now, they will have a good chance to end the piracy...

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