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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Criminal drama series produced in the Netherlands. The Directors of this film were diderick van Ruzhen and Scarf corver. Starring Monique Hendricks, Sigrid Ten Napel, Nils Gomperts. In the original title of this painting sounds like"foam".In many families, the head is a man, and rightly so. It is he who is responsible for making the most important decisions. But there are situations when a woman is forced to take the first role and replace her deceased husband in his field of activity. This series tells about the life of a widow of a criminal authority, who occupied an important place in the criminal world. After his death, his widow has to take his place, because only in this way it will be able to ensure the safety of their loved ones. Although she herself and all her family dream of a quiet life away from crime, they have no special choice. She was asked to choose to participate in the witness protection program or to live among criminals, and she settled on the latter. Despite the fact that she belongs to the so-called weaker sex, in her new life there is no place for weaknesses and mistakes. After all, you need so much courage to confront the threats and the onslaught of creditors. Thanks to her resolute and strong nature, she achieves serious success in the criminal business. Although in the beginning very few people took seriously, the result is correctly calculated actions and moves a woman becomes in line with the most esteemed representatives of the criminal elite.

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