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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Documentary
Adventure military-historical drama from American Director Kevin Connor and screenwriter Bryce Zabel. Starring Engum Macfadyen and mark Umbers.An action-Packed and exciting story about conquering amazing and alluring sea spaces and pirate battles. A young handsome Lieutenant Robert Maynard, an employee in the Royal Navy, is going crazy for the daughter of the Governor of the Bahamas, new Providence. However, daddy's beloved protagonist is a rather dangerous and corrupt criminal personality that supports pirates and smuggling scams. The main character decides to try on the guise of an ordinary homeless poor man to organize a secret surveillance of a pirate gang. It so happened that he gets on Board a large formidable ship called"Revenge of Queen Anne." The captain of the ship is the most dangerous pirate of the Caribbean sea and notorious bandit Edward teach, better known by the legendary nickname"black beard". He is horrified everyone who wanders in the seas and oceans, mercilessly killing for the sake of his glory not only villains, but also innocent people. In the course of further developments will fearlessly cross swords, rattle guns, shed tears and blood, and among all these battles light web stretched love line between the main character and the beautiful lady of his heart.

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