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  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Drama
On the twenty-first century. The audience is taken up in an alternate world! In Germany originate really strange events. The dead rise up and attract a variety of items that eventually build up on the body, making the dead bodies of these huge monsters. With such an incredible enemy will face the organization KSAT. Special agents of this group hunt for the rebels from the dead to bring them back to the grave. Soon, the group will take a certain Gerd Franz, a man who has long been engaged in motorcycle racing. One day on the way he stood up before the finish ghoul, which provoked an accident. The main character was seriously injured and lost the competition. Soon, the girl left him, because of what the man was depressed and vowed revenge on the monsters. He managed to reach the KSAT group, and one of a team of doctors offered Gerd wonderful medicine that are endowed with incredible powers Man. It is time for revenge!

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