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A criminal film about a "man without a name" who tried to change his life. Events transfer the audience in 1984 Winter, Berlin. In the snow-swept Park, is found half-dead teenager who was shot by 2 bullets. The boy does not know his own name or his relatives, for this reason, he is sent to a shelter after treatment, where he is given the name Blokhin. In the pockets of the boys were able to find only a photo of the famous football player. After the orphanage angry boy ceases very bad he becomes a pimp and drug dealer, and then strangely away from crime.
thirty years later, Heinrich Blokhin is already working in the Berlin murder Department, which is engaged in the investigation of serious crimes. He married the sister of a COP Dominic Stotzer, who became his friend and boss, and loves to deal with various investigations. He during all these years tries to learn the secrets of his own tragic past, and once he manages to get close to the solution. Investigating the death of the famous drug dealer Toto, the policeman manages to cross a thin forbidden border that separates the law from lawlessness and crime.

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