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The German prison series Block B - Under arrest is about Bea Kroeger, a middle-aged woman who is accused of attempted manslaughter due. The victim is none other than Bea's husband, who now makes sure that his wife is in custody in the women's prison JVA Tempelhof. There Bea must quickly realize that life is not a bed of roses behind bars. Not only just the guards inserted a tough regiment on the day. No, the prisoners give nothing the newcomer in the women's prison. A devastating experience that has only learned the hard way Bea before it starts to play the game in prison. Here is one who cooperates with whom and who can play what contacts. Nevertheless, fears Bea that the only person she can trust, only she is.    Main characters of block B - Under Arrest    Beatrice Kröger (Gisa Zach) was charged under attempted manslaughter. However, the ultimate judgment can still coming and so Bea spends the next weeks and months of their lives once in custody. Apart from that, who is married and has a daughter.    Rita Plattner (Katrin Sass) sits a life sentence for murder. For seven years she shares her cell with women of all stripes, who come and go. In addition, Rita has a husband who takes care of her son at home.    Janina Romano (Ulrike Röseberg) sitting due to negligent bodily harm, as they took part under the influence of drugs on the road. Three years - that is the verdict. A year has already served the single Mittzwanzigerin.    Christine Wuttke (Claudia Gaebel) must spend in prison for aggravated assault whole seven years. Two of which it has already paid the penalty. Chris is a lesbian and therefore must constantly fight against prejudice and stereotypes.    Ariane Dellbrück (Patricia Aulitzky) is early 30s and must spend 18 months in the prison Tempelhof. In her life outside the cold prison walls, she went to work as a lawyer. In prison, she enjoys freedoms they for family reasons not had before.    Gabi Reimers (Nina Hoger) was sentenced to five years in prison for manslaughter and will have them serve only one year. Gabi is located in the middle of her forties. At home, she expected her husband and their two children. (MH)

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