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  • Genres:
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Blossom action is both a sitcom and a drama format. The series begins with Blossoms mother leaves the family to pursue their own careers. Blossom and Co. have to get over the consequences of this innovation. While serious issues such as alcoholism, unwanted pregnancies and divorce are not left out.    Main characters Blossom Ruby Russo is the eponymous protagonist of Seire. She is the youngest child and the only daughter of Nick and Maddy Russo. Her best friend is Six. She loves Vinnie, but the two split up often to become a couple again only briefly. You have to learn in their lives many lessons u. a. is faced with abuse, alcoholism, drugs and divorce. At first she did not occur to me cope her stepmother Carol, later, their relationship but improved. Blossoms trademark is her original style of dress.    Nick Russo is the father of Blossom, Joey and Tony and the ex-husband of Maddy. After left him his wife, he must care for his children alone. He working as a piano player and played on at all possible occasions with different band. Later, he married Carol and is the stepfather of Kennedy and grandfather for Nash. Treated Blossoms best friend Six as his own daughter.    Anthony (Tony) is one of the brothers of Blossom. He is recovering from drug and alcohol addiction and has difficulty remembering four years in his life. He leads a relationship with Playboy model Rhonda. But he marries Shelley in Las Vegas after he had a relapse into alcoholism. He works for a while in a donut shop until it is an emergency medical technician. He is the father of Nash.    Joseph (Joey) is the other brother of Blossom. It is very simple, but also very funny. The professional Basballspieler is also a heartthrob. If he wants, he can be courteous and clever. It is believed at the University of Arizona, but opts for a career as a baseball player.    Six Dorothy LeMeure is the best friend of Blossom, standing on Joey. Her parents are divorced. Went through some hard stuff, u. a. it is an alcoholic, comes with an older man from fear an unwanted pregnancy. She feels in the Russo family as well as in their own family. When she is happy or nervous, she talks very fast.

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