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  • Comedy
Linchvud wife lived a quiet life until then, until you come to the fight for the inheritance. Suddenly, all the relatives and they including, got a very nice and simply immense mansion, which, as it turned out, it is necessary for everyone. Real mad struggle for this piece of land. The main characters of the show, among other things, begin to curse each other, because everyone wants to get the estate for personal use. Hence begins the abuse, constant attempts to pin each other, arrange the ingenious traps, start blackmail, etc., etc., that relates to a series of dirty tricks of struggle. Although someone can justify their actions, because in war all means are good. The result is that as a result of the fight beginning to enter even strangers. The blot was resurfaced a gardener, which is ready to compete for the same inheritance. But what are his real goal? This nobody knows. No one except Miss Linchvud.

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