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Original pseudo - political Comedy mini-series about attempts of the unknown, but very rich person to act on elections for the people. The film was directed by Simon hind, starring Brian Cox, Jonathan Watson.This story is simple and uncomplicated, but full of intrigue and great humor. Already not too young, but a wealthy farmer wants to move forward on the career ladder. For many years, he successfully conducts its own business for the production of excellent hamburgers and gets a good income from it, but over time, monotonous routine begins to depress him. Then he decides that it is time to change something in his life and understands that his only opportunity to break out of the vicious circle is a political career. The man decides that he has enough money and influence to participate in the political race, and therefore applies as an independent candidate. Naturally, this news simply can not go unnoticed and instantly flies around the district. Some believe that the farmer has gone crazy, and someone fully supports his unconventional views on politics and state management. After all, he lives in these parts all his life and with his own eyes can observe everything that is actually happening. But most importantly, the competitors understand that a man of the people is much more likely to be a crowd favorite, but because they immediately begin to act – looking for all possible ways to avoid it to the authorities. And then begins the original Comedy, looking at which is impossible not to smile.

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