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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
The previous part of the criminal television series ended with the fact that Dr. Branon was the victim of "Puppeteer" - an elusive maniac, killing his victims with extreme cruelty. Shortly before the kidnapping, the killer hinted that he would do it by dressing the bones of one of the victims in Brannon's clothes. Heroes try to protect the girl, but everything ends quite sadly - she disappears without a trace. At the very beginning of season 12, we find out who kidnapped her - former assistant Zach. Does that mean he and the puppeteer are the same person? At first, no one thinks to ask this question-everyone is trying to find at least a hint of where the Bones and her kidnapper may be. Find out it turns out thanks to the wit of Hodgins. Using the hand cream of the kidnapped colleague, he found traces of which immediately set off Booth, who found Zach and his beloved in the basement of the building. The man manages to disarm the sociopath, after which the heroes are trying to find evidence to prove the involvement of ex-partner to a series of grisly murders. But a detailed investigation convinces booth that the real killer is still at large. It becomes obvious when someone tries to kill Zach. But if the guy's innocent, why did he steal the Bones? And who is actually hiding under the pseudonym "puppeteer"?