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  • Drama
The dramatic film series presents the failure of a kind of anthology of becoming a serial killer. The protagonist of the story-a cold-blooded maniac with the appearance of the angel. We're going back to the childhood of a boy named Sam. At home he gets maximum attention, as his mother just doted on the kid. Devotes all his free time and takes care of his child as soon as he can. Outside the family hearth, he is also in good standing. It can be called a role model in the yard. Local guys try not to show their charm as an excellent student, but secretly imitate him. His clothes and hair are always impeccably ironed and stacked, and mental abilities cause others to have high requirements to Sam and lay on his fragile shoulders barely pretty high hopes. His curiosity knows no limits, he now and then finds new Hobbies, not staying long in one place. He-the only assistant have mothers, successfully coping even with the most difficult for the young boys woes. Surprisingly, he even prilovchilis to cook a good Breakfast. Gets along well with her classmates, even being the diligent student. After school, he usually visits a nursing home, where he reads to older men and women favorite books from his collection. He also helps the mother, who works here as a nurse and nurse, to maintain order. However, we are immediately witnessing that not everything is perfect in this story. The boy has absolutely no friends, he can not get close to anyone, and not really trying to win someone over. Undoubtedly, in the classroom and in my district it is famous for good small. That's just Sam alone, and no true friends, which is the most boys, its frustrating. Nobody invites him to make a company in Hiking, does not call to wander through the woods in search of adventure. He has no one to go to parties and parties with. Despite the fact that Sami is good-looking and the girls pay attention to him and flirt with him - on greetings and winks it never comes. One day his friend Oscar offered to join the celebration of his father's birthday. The future criminal grew up without fatherly education that, certainly, left an indelible mark on all his further destiny. Something out of the ordinary is happening at this event. From a rough neighborhood honors no such antics are not expected...

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