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Thanks to the eleven year old Cory Matthews takes us Life, and I once again on the journey of first love. Cory begins to be interested in the opposite sex and is in the course of the series with his great love Topanga together with which he always wanted by making even more difficult times again. but his attention is not only her, but also the fact how to cope with puberty, high school and life itself. While his friend Shawn Hunter and, occasionally, the school principal George Feeny help him. Many turbulent years ahead of him until he finally comes into adulthood.    Characters Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) is the main character of the series. In the first seasons it is still quite a slacker who moves with intelligence but do not pay attention in class. Over time is improving it, but it is for increasingly neurotic. However, Cory is considered the Vernünftigster among his friends, because he considers his best friend Shawn and his brother Eric most of them from doing something stupid. His life will end, however, most influenced by girlfriend Topanga. He has deep feelings for her, but can not withstand another girl sometimes.    Topanga Lawrence (Danielle Fishel) is Cory's girlfriend and her personality changes during the course of the series very strong. First, it is more an eccentric hippie who is interested in supernatural phenomena and then developed more and more into a quiet, adult girls. Although Topanga later accepted at Yale, she goes instead with Cory and his friends on the Penn Brook College.    Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong) is Cory's best friend and likes to make trouble times. He is popular in school and overall also Some relaxed. However, he has to go through with his family on hard times and he feels abandoned, Shawn is very prone to depression. The relationship with his half-brother Jack is initially also also often tense because the two have little in common. Only later fraternal band is stronger.    Eric Matthews (Will Friedle) is the older brother of Cory. At the beginning of the series he is particularly charming and popular unlike Cory, in the course of the seasons he will be more and more a fool and Gag suppliers. Mr. Feeny, which he often has a helping hand, he sees as a mentor. He developed a close friendship with Cory and his friends and besides, he is sometimes smarter than it first seems. Eric can deal well with children and can imagine to work later as a weather forecaster.    George Feeny (William Daniels) is for Cory and his friends (especially Eric) a mentor. At the beginning he is their teacher in the sixth grade, at the same time he still lives next to the family Matthews. Throughout the series he will finally rector of the high school and has even become a college professor of the clique. In his spare time he is often shown in the garden or while he repaired different things. Many jokes also revolve around him and how he accompanied the students for a lifetime. Actually, he is of the opinion that the line between teacher and friend should not be exceeded, but he worries but more to his charges than is usual for his profession.    Jack Hunter (Matthew Lawrence) is Shawn's older half-brother and first appears in the fifth season. After initial difficulties, the relationship between the two improved significantly and her fraternal relationship is very strong. And while Jack, who is more serious and ambitious, is very different from Eric, the two boys eventually become best friends.    Background Life and I is an American sitcom whose seven seasons were broadcast between 1993 and 2000 on the ABC network. In Germany, the series between 1996 and 2002 ran at RTL.