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  • Documentary
  • Mystery
Mankind has always wanted to leave a trace in history and give the next generation an important information or knowledge. Some people do it by means of books, records, any important data and other special techniques. However, there were some skills that have been passed is not a straight line, and passed from generation to generation by means of any other unusual ways of communication between people, starting from objects of art, finishing with a secret message hidden in the most unexpected places. Ancient relics are not only useless trinkets on which we can conclude about the life and customs of people from the past and a real treasure for those who are looking for hidden meanings and secret messages. One of these people - Brad Meltzer. This person just having fun with all the unusual and ancient. He is ready to spend hours to see things from the past epochs, to try to identify them interesting details, ways to send us away into the past and talk about some important events, which are held back in the historical references and textbooks. So it turns out that modern fans ciphers often in their works of art and life lay hidden meaning, which is often due to the fact that Melzer is on the ancient relics. Strange connection is confirmed, but what could it mean?

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