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For episodes of the previous parts, we watched as the main characters constantly involved in a variety of ways. And quite often quite tragic – in the first part one police officer was brought to suicide, but then his companions managed to prove that the man was killed. Subsequent seasons were not easier – in last parts of died still teo (his car blew up). At the same time, without exception, the main characters of the series "RAID" often had to be in dangerous situations – this is a war with the Russian mafia, and the kidnapping of police officers because of gold. At the beginning of season 4, we learn that once again the police were faced with difficulties. The leadership of their unit, having received information about the impending terrorist attack in Paris, instructs detectives to arrest a dangerous Turkish gang of potential terrorists. But when the heroes arrange a round-up, they get involved in a shootout in which the son of an influential mafia dies. The boy died at the hands of Voltaire, and if his father finds out about it, the police just nesdobrovat. The only way to protect a friend Kaplan sees is to break the law and hide from all the details of the incident. Simultaneously, Roxie is on the verge of death – a longtime enemy heroes, Vogel kidnaps her to be... buried alive!

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