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The fictional market town Brown beat is located in a wooded area on the border with the Czech Republic. A place so, in barely lost a soul. And that is precisely the problem by Mayor Gerhard Tschach. The last business ideas that he had are phenomenal failed - now the vultures are received entry into the village and only a miracle can contact the predicament for the better. Together with his best friend Richard Pfeisinger Gerhard developed a plan to put an end to the misery.    Less than three days later, the whole world is talking about an apparition in brown shock. Believers and onlookers come running in crowds and the media have received from the exceptional occurrence wind. The plan of Gerhard and Richard seems to be consequently risen. Before it, the two, however, provided the staged hoax threatens to take an abrupt end when a mentally deputy of the Catholic Church is to verify the authenticity of the apparitions.    Main characters of Brown beat Gerhard Tschach (Robert Palfrader) is the Brügermeister von Braun shock and fear that the end of his power moves within reach, since none of his business ideas seem to work. Since it is just located the supposed apparition to increase with lies and deceit turnover of the market town to astronomical heights.    Herta Tschach (Maria Hofstätter) is Gerhard's wife. Together, the two have a grown daughter, who actually lives in Vienna, but suddenly stands with her boyfriend at the door. Herta is bored by Gerhard and has his way he tackles things (preferably not) satisfied. Therefore it is considering a divorce.    Richard Pfeisinger (Nicholas Ofczarek) is Gerhard's best friend and the owner of the local discotheque. Basically, Richard is a loser with a big mouth who thinks primarily only of himself. But precisely because of its imprudent arrogance he is the right man for Gerhard to stage a miracle in the form of a Marian apparition. (MH)

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