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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
The plot of the detective film"Prospect of Brazil" will tell the story of a difficult life of a young girl, whose share from childhood fell a lot of tests. Rita, the name of the main character of the story, lives with a parent named Genesio and his young wife Carmine, whom dad married after the death of the girl's mother. The father chose stepmother for daughter girl from a simple family in the belief that she will be able like no other to raise his own flesh and blood. However, for the sweet smile is stepmother hiding her treacherous intentions and vile nature. On a couple of lover max dames several years robs dad Rita. The little girl immediately did not like this young lady and she tried to open the eyes of the priest to the dark deeds of his wife. When she was able to reach the parent, Genesio wanted to take the wife to the police, but the tragedy intervenes and does not allow to finish the deal. The girl's father dies in an accident, and the stepmother, not wanting to take on the burden in the form of a non-native child, sends the baby to live in the city dump...Carmine long lamented the dead husband-all this time she was comforted in the arms of the lover and developed new ideas of enrichment. In the status of the widow, the lady did not want to walk for a long time and chose a new victim in the form of a Typhoon — a famous Brazilian football player guilty of the death of her husband. Playing the inconsolable drama, the villain separates the athlete with a wife and marries it to yourself and your lover arranges for a husband to her sister araújo.In the trash Rita met with sweet Potato-a homeless boy and the children are tied strong friendships that have grown into a child's love. The boy brings the girl to the house to the caretaker for the children at the landfill Lusinda. The young heroine was lucky-the girl is adopted by a decent Argentine family and she gets another name — Nina. Friend heroine in his house takes the wife of the late father Nina and changes his name to giorgino, it turns out that he is her child from max, whom she left in the trash...Despite a new and prosperous life, thoughts of fair revenge do not leave Nina's pretty head.

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