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Original Title: Breakthrough
  • Genres:
  • Documentary
Channel: National Geographic
Creators: Ron Howard
Language: English
Description: She is a talented writer, her books are so popular, the rating jumps to the limit, and fans read her books to the holes. But once her boyfriend admits to treason, they disperse, and the only thing that the heroine of the film Imogen (2013) remains to do - to press on pity. And so in the mind of the writer is always born overly-dramatic plan, but the only effective way Imogen thought - image of the suicide. Imogen - story writer who despaired of his life's problems, decides to fake a suicide to get back with your ex-boyfriend. Writing a farewell note, scattering pills, she portrays a suicide attempt and gets to the hospital. And that's where it all started: my mother came with whom she had not talked for a long time, and therefore need to flee. But by hook or by crook, mom takes Imogen to her parents ' house, where all her family operates, which does not differ in a special rational behavior.Mom's new boyfriend is a CIA special agent, which in the film Imogen catches up not with seriousness, but on the contrary with a lot of Comedy. Brother strange type, which carries a metal shell. Have family here, this place is cozy and there is no lie in the world where you used to live Imogen. Real friends will come to the rescue, and the rest will throw in a difficult situation. Soon she and Imogen will understand the world in which she lived and will leave its new York society, which in addition to the deceit and hypocrisy will not give her anything. Here Imogen will meet a cute beginner singer, with whom they can do something.Imogen (2013) is a romantic Comedy from the category of simple, but very heartfelt films, such as this - stupid - love. The film is about true friends, warm seven

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