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In the United States seventies of last century, baseball has made tremendous level of popularity which affected the life of almost every citizen. Little Jim Brockmire was no exception. As a child, the main character of the series, like millions of his peers, dreamed of becoming a baseball player. Over time his views have changed a little, so Jim began to dream about the profession of a sports journalist. By 2006, he managed to reach the top in this field, having received the status of the most famous commentator of the Major League. But most often, along with the good news come and bad: it turned out that Brockmire's wife is cheating on him, and not in the most traditional way. On this occasion, the man threw a tantrum on the air and thereby destroyed his own career. The next ten years passed in meaningless travel and drunken frenzy, but at the beginning of the last part of Jim managed to get back to work. Unfortunately, all was not as rosy as once: the hero got a job as a commentator at a small stadium in Morristown, where he safely escaped to New Orleans, along with a new assistant, Charles. Season 2 tells the story of the adventures of teammates in a new place, where they decided to make money online via podcast.

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