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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Romance
Comedy multi-part melodrama of Taiwanese production from Director Rong-Hu Chen. Starring Bi Sozzini and Baron Chen.A young and very beautiful girl named I but in the distant past heard an ancient shocking prophecy, which by its content influenced her entire future life. In an ancient magical message said that until the end of his days beauty will have to pretend to be a boy, and then did get used to a new role for themselves. But the girl does not want to be another person, and hopes that fate will be favorable to her in any way affect this magic sentence. Meanwhile, the leader of a criminal gang named zi Fengi and his sister get into a difficult and almost hopeless situation, from which they helped to get out of the brave I No. The bandit was very grateful to the brave girl for saving his life and therefore invited her to move to his mansion. But I did not dare to refuse, as with the mafia jokes are bad, so to contradict him is clearly not to be. Most complex and difficult, with than she ever faced in life, expected its then, when the young woman realized, that on ears have applied in this thug. Whether to admit her feelings for him, or quietly to play her destined role? This is a touching dramatic story about devotion, loyalty, sincere love, selfless mutual assistance and readiness to fight for your happiness until the very end.

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