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The American television series Brothers & Sisters tells of the fateful career of the Walker family. This has gathered at the beginning of the action on the occasion of a major birthday celebration. Opposed to all expectations, however, died at exactly that day, the family patriarch William Walker (Tom Skerritt). The descendants take the original celebrations as an opportunity to organize their lives together again and start a new beginning. Although the siblings have increasingly apart down in recent years, they are now returning to their homes in order to save the family business. It comes naturally several times to conflict of interest. Not least with the many members of the Walker family have always ruled disagreements. In addition, the Walkers still employed an entirely different discovery: William was obviously not so honest in his lifetime and exemplary, as he has always presented his children. In fact, the unobtrusive husband and head of the company has led a secret life that is now being revealed gradually. So learn the Walker siblings that her father had an affair, from an illegitimate daughter resulted.    Main characters of Brothers & Sisters    Nora Walker (Sally Field) is the widow of William and Sarah's mother, Kitty, Tommy, Kevin and Justin. She is also the grandmother of Paige, Cooper, Evan, Elizabeth, William Jr (deceased), Olivia and Daniel. Nora ensures that the home of the Walkers everything goes its regulated Banen.    Sarah Laurent (Rachel Griffiths) is the daughter of Nora and Nick Brody. She is also the mother of Paige and Cooper. Sarah was married a long time with Joe Whedon. After the divorce, she has her current husband Luc Laurent met. She is the former head of Greenotopia and is now as president of Ojai Foods their work to.    Kitty Walker (Calista Flockhart), the daughter of Nora and William. She is a year younger than her sister Sarah and the adoptive mother of Evan. Her husband Robert McCallister is already dead. Kitty worked in the past in radio and television as a presenter or host and is now trying to be a writer.    Tommy Walker (Balthazar Getty) is the son of Nora and William. He is two years younger than Kitty and has two children - notably Elizabeth and William Jr. (deceased). Until his divorce, he was married to Julia Ridge. Meanwhile, he has found a new life partner and fiancée Rose.    Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys) is the son of Nora and William. He's a year younger than Tommy and has a son named Daniel. He is also the Adoptivfater of Olivia and the surrogate father of Elizabeth and William Jr. (deceased). Kevin is the husband of Scotty Wandell and practiced law.    Justin Walker (Dave Annable) is the son of Nora and William. He is ten years younger than Kevin and the ex-husband of Rebecca Harper. Justin has served as a soldier in the Iraq war his country. Now he goes to his work as a paramedic. In addition, he has left both his drug addiction and his alcoholism behind.    Background information on Brothers & Sisters    In Brothers & Sisters is a production of ABC Television Studio. You series celebrated on September 24, 2006, ABC premiered. Since then, five seasons have been published with a total of 109 episode of a respective run length of approximately 42 minutes. Due to weakening quotas, the series was finally signed up by ABC on May 13, 2011th In Austria, ORF 1 was able to secure the rights to free-TV broadcasting. In Germany Brothers & Sisters was first (now Sky) broadcast on Premiere Series and later presented by ProSieben in the context of the series Wednesday. Apart from that, the format in the years 2007, 2008 and 2009 has been regularly nominated in different categories for major awards in the series profession - including the Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award. (MH)

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