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By coincidence, Buck Rogers, performing a regular flight on the space Shuttle, the U.S. air force in the 20th century, becomes an unwitting victim of the disaster. The pilot, getting into unusual conditions for a person, falls into a cryogenic sleep, where he will spend a single century. On Earth, meanwhile, there are serious changes to which miraculously resurrected hero is not ready.Humanity is on the verge of extinction, 2491-th year was a nightmare for the inhabitants of the planet. But hope emerged, when the grounders repatriate to the surface Earth long drifting in space Shuttle with man on Board. Tank is thawed, after which he devoted himself to the harsh realities. People are locked in a constant battle with many enemies, so our hero will have to choose a side in the conflict.Of course, Mr. Rogers stands on the side of the remnants of humanity and takes over the management of one of the last fighters left in the ranks. The brave pilot needs to get used to the current world and fight back numerous rivals, but the man will not be alone to cope with the obstacles – the path of the warrior will share with him a friend and colleague Wilma Dearing, the object of sudden sympathy and a funny robot named Tweaks.

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