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Exciting dynamic Indian epic tells the amazing vicissitudes of the life of the cult character of modern society. The protagonist of the film series – a young man named Siddhartha Gautama, who will immediately become known to mankind by another name-Buddha. The teachings of this person have bewitched the best human minds as well as billions of ordinary people around the world. His preaching formed the basis of the main Canon of Buddhism, called"Tripitaka". The film gives us a unique opportunity to meet a man and touch his life from the back of the screen. We observe his everyday life even before the transformation into a Saint – from birth to canonization, capturing the entire period of formation of his personality. Each of us who are interested in the person of Buddha, has his own idea about who he was and how he lived. The picture provides us with a radically new perspective that will help to expand the boundaries and add new details to the known history. Welcome to the difficult path of trials and exceptional experience with the Buddha, who will discover the secret of the"ultimate truth". From an early age, the hero believed that the world consists only of joy and wealth. In his youth, he was overtaken by a true revelation when he learned what hunger, ruin and death are. In adulthood, the man went to drastic measures to go through an extreme experience. Years of voluntary asceticism, all sorts of self-restraint and solitude with themselves have borne fruit. They allowed him to experience the infinite bestowal of life and the joy of light. He taught faith in himself to a great many, opened his eyes to the fact that self-love begins not only in the aspect of any religion...

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