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Difficult circumstances in the final episode of the last part forced Buffy to make a huge sacrifice-the girl died to save the planet and her sister from evil. And now the heroes of the TV series "Buffy the vampire Slayer" fighting the demons and vampires without her. But it is obvious that they do not cope. Then the guys decide to hold an ancient rite to resurrect the Slayer. At the same time, the city appears her robotic DoppelgangeR, reporting to Spike. However, it is not becomes friends with a problem – they find a need for ritual artifact and graveyard. There, having learned about the plans of the company, the robot double leads a squad of demons who arrived in the town, who are going to interfere with the plans of the heroes. Fortunately, before the battle with the demons they bring it started rite up to the end, which ultimately leads to the resurrection of Buffy. But the difficulty is that her friends think the ritual failed and are not even aware that the girl is again alive…