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After five years of absence all-Entertainmer Michael Herbig returns with Bully makes Buddy back to German television. As a sitcom created are to prepare new movie Buddy the six episode of the first season Bullys and accordingly is at the heart of the format none other than the director, actor, screenwriter and producer himself. The series that is the story of Bell, who engaged tells the final preparations for the realization of his new movie Buddy will guide the way. The script is already written - but it still lacks the necessary budget and the part of the actor's decisive commitments. The production printing even goes so far that Buddy his private life almost completely neglected, which particularly friend Nina is feeling. Head over heels leaves this snapped the apartment and soon Bully fiddling with his new roommates: Rick and his sister Aida accept without further demand the coveted housing in fog.    Main characters of Bully makes Buddy    Bully (Michael Herbig) is the central character in Bully makes Buddy. He is a filmmaker and is currently working on the realization of his latest script. For this, the ambitious workhorse like to be his private life down.    Nina (Sandra Koltai) is Bell's girlfriend. However, they no longer endure the stress in film design and feels very neglected beyond Bully. That leaves they do not like longer and takes off.    Rick (Rick Kavanian) is Bell's new roommate. Together with his sister Aida he sets out immediately after Nina has left the apartment, at the casual wide. Despite its presence as an uninvited guest, he has no intention to take off again.    Aida (Gisa Flake) is Bell's new roommate and her character's sister Rick. The harmonious coexistence she does not think much. No wonder Bully would prefer loshaben again just as fast as Rick.    Background information on Bully makes Buddy    With Bully Buddy does want Michael Herbig join the audience on his upcoming movie buddy. This interplay between film and television series had made the German filmmaker advantage already under Wickie and the strong men. At that time, were cast by separating process within the show Bully examines the strong men, members of the Viking ensembles. Bully makes Buddy, however, this time defined as a classic sitcom that was shot on the grounds of the Bavaria Film Studios in Munich. The reactions from viewers and critics after the broadcast of the pilot were extremely mixed. Although the typical bully humor, which has been awarded the Bullyparade was mentioned commendable, but can be seen as a negative disappointed basic tenor. (MH)

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