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Stories about vampires attract not only teenagers and adults. Children are also not averse to listen to the tale of the bloodsucker. Especially for them, American writers James and Deborah Howie wrote a series of books about the vampire rabbit. Based on these stories and filmed a series about this funny character.
it is Known that vampires need blood for life. The main character of this animated series to maintain their superpowers is extremely necessary carrot juice. The vampire rabbit is a pretty funny character. He is a kind, good and extremely funny creature! Becoming a vampire, he flatly refuses to drink the blood of living beings, so the thirst is trying to quench with fresh juice squeezed from carrots. This drink helps Kalikula vitality. Unique features of the organism of the rabbit, a vampire lead him to even permanent amazing paranormal adventure. Trying to take from life all the good, the Rabbit often gets involved in strange stories. The vampire lives with a teenage girl who does not even know about the features of her pet. The dog took the unusual resident, but the cat is a constant struggle. The rabbit is in search of friends and normal life. And that will tell you the funny episodes of the series.

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