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  • Drama
Even in the distant future, humanity has not rid itself of the basic problems. The planet continues to face numerous threats, both on Earth and beyond. To maintain the required level of combat capability and the ability to give a fitting rebuff to any enemy created a special weapon. Its use is only available to favorites. To get into the ranks of the valiant defenders, requires a special preliminary training course. Hayato Kisaragi from early childhood dreamed of becoming a brave defender. When the guy reached the right age, he made an attempt to enter an elite educational institution. the Young man managed to pass selection safely. He felt themselves the most happy man on the planet, when learned, that fell in the number of pupils, future defenders of. However, very quickly the euphoria of the young man began to dissipate. Soon he began to notice oddities, and their number increased every day. Initially Hayato became aware that he would have to live in a room with a strange-looking girl. Why the management of the institution made such an unexpected decision to settle opposite-sex students in one dwelling remains a mystery. Then there was a more serious problem. One of the strongest students called inexperienced newcomer to a duel. Surprises have not ended.

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