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Captain Tsubasa - The great football stars is a Japanese anime series based on the eponymous Mange series and aired 1983-1986. In the center of the story, the boy Tsubasa Ohzora located. He is twelve years old and goes to primary school. While he goes to school in the morning, he can leave in the afternoon to his great passion, football, run free. Together with his friends he edited the round piece of leather every day. Tsubasa biggest dream is to play at some point in the Japanese national team.    Tsubasa wants to win the World Cup with the national team. The more he trained, the better it is. Although Tsubasa have to start in a child or later a youth team, like all young professionals, it shows full commitment and fights his way to the top. After a few years he is one of the best newcomers in the Japanese football scene. Tsubasa has finally made it and gets the chance to fulfill his lifelong dream.    Main Characters from Captain Tsubasa - The great football stars    Tsubasa Ohzora is at the beginning of the plot a little boy at the age of twelve. He loves football above all else and, accordingly, is his biggest dream to one day play in the Japanese national team. Tsubasa quickly developed sophisticated techniques and is a master in the bicycle kick and top spin. During his youth, Tsubasa plays among others in Brazil and Spain.    Genzo Wakabayashi is also a soccer enthusiast. He trains himself early in his school team as a quick-witted goalkeeper and later changed to FC Nankatsu. After successfully winning the district championship, he went to Germany and played in Hamburger SV. Later he becomes the goalkeeper of the Japanese national team. As a trademark, he always wears a cap.    Kojiro Hyuga it also has set itself the goal of becoming a professional football player. He comes from the Meiwa-school and later changed to the Toho School. When he meets Tsubasa, he met him first as an enemy and competitor. Only in the course of time a close friendship develops between the two. Kojiro, who assumes the position of striker, has a specialty on the box, namely the tiger shot.    Taro Misaki is the best friend of Tsubasa and also a true expert on the football field. He dominated the ball game better than anything else in the world and together with Tsubasa Golden duo of Nankatsu. Once the two namely jointly enter the field and play their passports each other, they can no longer be stopped. Taro is a master of dribbling and free kicks.    Roberto Hongo is a Brazilian footballer who is originally from Japan. After a dangerous violation of his career is at stake. Doctors are of the opinion that he should get out of the professional league. A fact which amounts to Roberto a doomsday. Only later he discovered his passion anew and coach of FC Nankatsu where not least Tsubasa plays.    Background information about Captain Tsubasa - The great football stars    The anime series Captain Tsubasa celebrated its premiere on 10 October 1983 and ran until March 27, 1986 TV Tokyo. A total of 128 episodes were produced with a respective running length of 25 minutes. In Germany, the series was first published on RTL 2 under the title The great football stars. This was followed by broadcasts on Tele 5 and ATVplus until in the years the entire format was launched in four DVD box sets in 2007 and of 2008. In addition, the manganese template was repeatedly adapted for television, including within the framework of the formats Captain Tsubasa J., Captain Tsubasa - Road to 2002 Super Kickers 2006 - Captain Tsubasa. (MH)

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