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  • Drama
Quiet provincial town cedar Bay lives a quiet, measured life. Olivia Lockhart lives here with her daughter Justin and works as a judge. By occupation, she has to decide the fate of the inhabitants of the city, so for most friends, it is an indisputable authority. She is equally often asked for help in the event of legal problems and difficult personal and family life situations. Olivia considers it her duty to help everyone who asked for help, but with her problems, she can not cope. About such people usually say -"shoemaker without shoes". Olivia has problems with her personal life, she's been alone for a long time. The daughter, who is also lonely and tries to improve her personal life, constantly gets into unpleasant situations. Even Olivia's mother, trying to do a good thing at first glance, is under the prosecution of the law. A friend left without a husband requires increased attention and emotional support. To top it all off, some residents of the city have expressed dissatisfaction with the decisions taken by judge Lockhart. Trying to help others, Olivia begins to realize that by supporting one side of the court, you can hurt people on the other.

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