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Original Title: Champions
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: NBC
Creators: Charlie Grandy,Mindy Kaling
Language: English
Description: In the yard of the seventies, and outside the window of the fascinating Los Angeles. Events unfold around a small club-cafe called Goldie hershlag on. Unfortunately, those few guests that sit in the institution, do not bring the hostess Mellis Leo big profits. Intelligent woman understands that the people want a spectacle, and she begins to invite his eatery beginners satirists and pranksters, making every attempt to become famous and at least somewhere to Shine. They worked for Mellis for free, rejoicing at the scene provided. At first, the idea seemed the innkeeper stupid, but the guests were in complete awe of amusing jokes and funny stories here. So began to emerge all the now known concept of stand-up - when anyone, of any gender and age, could safely go to the site and show the audience everything they are capable of. Realizing the idea came to the visitors of the cafe like, Melissa turned it into a real Comedy club with an open microphone. Eccentric artists are diligently preparing for each room and get incredible pleasure from the performances. And everywhere there were UPS and downs, career growth, and lack of energy.

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