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  • Drama
A distinctive feature of the series is not unique to the modern television format and has already been used in the" American horror story", if we talk about popular projects. Each season is a different story that does not intersect with others. They are similar in only one – often to look at what is happening is really scary, which makes the "Zero channel" a great serial horror. At the same time, season 3 is remotely similar to the first: it will also be about mysterious and unexplained disappearances, but for other reasons. So, in the center of the story are two girls-20-year-old Alice and her older sister Zoe, suffering from schizophrenia. In the first series of heroine move in the other city, where Alisa finds promising work in social service. The change of residence should have a positive impact on Zoe, improving her mental state. Health sister worries Alice also for the reason that their mother has a similar disease. This means that with a high degree of probability, the deviation can also occur in the main character. The girls settle in the apartment of a journalist, fascinated by the stories of mysterious disappearances in the vicinity of the city. Initially a hobby mistress Alice does not seem suspicious, but soon she'll change her mind.

Televison show Channel Zero seasons available for download - 1,2,3,4,5

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