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The main heroine of the series – the three girls are at first glance unremarkable. In fact, they work as private detectives under the patronage of a mysterious character, whose name is Charlie Townsend. It is surprising that no one ever sees him, even his direct subordinates. Charlie always with special responsibility approach to the selection of their employees. Choosing to his detectives girls, the main characters of the series, he also did not lose. But what are these same girls? Who are they in everyday life? Are they similar to each other by characters and interests? Girls came from completely different worlds. But what can unite a thief with a rich fortune behind, a street racer and a police officer in the past? They all live with one desire-to help people. Charlie gave the opportunity to all three girls to find a way into a new life and discover the opportunities that they had not guessed before. Now the heroine most of his time devoted to work, namely, the investigation of crimes. In performing tasks the girls no time to come to the aid of their special abilities: beauty, intelligence, sense of humor, acting skills and proficiency in different kind of martial arts.

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