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At the heart of almost any utopia is the so - called "Golden age" - a time when people do not have to work to exhaustion and at the same time they have everything they need. In some mythologies at this time the Gods descend to Earth and live together with their wards. Approximately under such scenario is the development of the plot in the science fiction series "childhood's End". Events of the series begin at a time when a powerful and friendly voice begins to speak and hear it in all corners of the globe. The voice appears to be a Trustee of our planet by the name of Caroline. He does not hide that he belongs to an extraterrestrial race of creatures that are significantly ahead of humanity in development and against ordinary people look almost Gods. And Caroline says that in the near future there will be an invasion of his race to Earth. That's just no one should be afraid, because the visit of alien guests will not only establish peaceful contact between the two worlds, but also provoke the onset of the "Golden age" - will disappear all diseases, including deadly, forever stop the war and sink into oblivion outbreaks of violence. Aliens can give us the world we've always dreamed of. But few people think about what kind of price people will have to pay for "Paradise on Earth".

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