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"Dirty whale" - everyone knows about this island. And from this island try to stay as far as possible. However many know, that precisely on it live special people, which can use a surprising magic, but in, too, time precisely because of this forces they not can to live longer than 30 years. However, despite all these facts for all the inhabitants of the island it was a long time the norm and they considered themselves very happy and tried to do everything to find as much interesting and amazing in life and have time. at the same time, they wanted very much to try to find the inhabitants of other Islands and find out if there is anyone else on this planet besides them and how those people live, whether they are similar to them or they are completely different and live differently. And Kakuro able to go on an amazing journey and to be on the amazing island that is not inferior to his own. It is there that he meets a little girl who completely changes his life. He will have a lot of amazing to learn about the world and what was previously unknown to the inhabitants of his island. However, how will the fate of all the inhabitants of the "Dirty whale" continue and are they ready to admit that they are not the only inhabitants on the planet?

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